Gold of The New World

After the long-term investigation the company’s expedition team is ready to start the search of the freight of the Spanish galleons of the “Golden Fleet”, sunken in the basin of the Caribbean Sea. The company is planning to conduct the wide-range reconnaissance works with the use of the newest and most modern models of the magnetometer and diving equipment.
IPV News USA applied to the governments of the several insular states of West-India requesting to issue so called “Research and Salvage Permits”. IPV News USA offered some of the counties to establish joint-venture companies for search of the lost treasures.
We are planning to reorganize our research team, giving it not only a new juridical status, but also to purchase another ship for the above mentioned works, since “Adventure-II” is afloat already for 40 years and does not meet the new requirements.
We have transferred a large number of the diving and research equipment to the south of the USA from our Asian expedition base on board the plane “The Sky’s the Limit…”. This aircraft was used in the program devoted to the 100 years anniversary of the world aviation and made the flight from the Central Asia to Florida via Siberia and Alaska in February – March 2003.
The “Golden Fleet” consisted of hundreds of vessels on which several centuries ago Spain used to transport the loot valuables from the New World to the mother country. It is considered that not less than a third of those vessels were lost in the autumnal hurricanes on the reefs of the numerous islands of the Caribbean Sea.

The aircrafts of our aviation partner, Avialeasing Company, were used for the air photography of the coastal zone of the West-India islands.
On photo: The aircraft AN-12 of this company equipped with the wide-screen camera and the shot of one of the islands made from a height at 6,5 kilometers. The arrow points to the sunken galleon. If the suppositions of the belonging and the name of this vessel are true the explorers will find the 4 tons of gold in coins and bars.

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